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10 October 2020 @ 04:25 pm
FanfictionCollapse )
22 June 2012 @ 03:19 am
I think I remember why I had a fic comm -- it was so I wouldn't suddenly pop up here with fic from fandoms out of nowhere.

So crayeol and I have this tumblr called --->EXO-HOGWARTS<---. Which is, yeah, a Harry Potter-verse AU for Exo and probably the craziest, geekiest thing ever. To get acquainted with it I suggest taking a look at the profiles first. Most are up! The only ones still in the works are Baekhyun, Chen, and Lay.

Because we are cray, there is still a ton of story I have yet to touch on -- but this post is all the fic so far! The first fic-thing I ever posted there is actually "a bird's eye view of hindsight", but I'm not gonna copy pasta it here because it was really hastily written and I don't want it to be the first ficlet in this post XD...also didn't want to scare everyone away with the characterization of Luhan and Xiu Min. Sob I only watched like three interviews at the time.

ANYWAYS. All the titles link to the fic post on tumblr. And credit for all the drawings in this post goes to crayeol/hism

>>>How to Potion with Kris and Luhan
(2012; Kris and Luhan are both fifth years)

"Oh, bollocks, bollocks," Luhan panics when their sleeping draft starts to turn a shade too puce.

"I'm turning down the fire." Kris says as he retrieves his wand from his robes.

"No, don't. I know it has to stew some more." Luhan bites his lip. "I think it darkened because we didn't crush the beetle finely enough..."

Kris arches an eyebrow. "So are you saying it's my bad?"
failure ensuesCollapse )

>>>How to Potion with D.O. and Tao
(2016; D.O. and Tao are both in their sixth year.)


Kyungsoo spreads a fresh sheet of parchment before him and licks his thumb and forefinger to smooth a stray downy barb on his quill. Sitting at his desk in potions, he knows exactly what their assignment will be that day. He even mouths it along with the professor.
WHAT IS LOVECollapse )

>>>Badgering I.
(2012; Suho is a 4th year and Tao is a 2nd year)

The common room cleared out within an hour. It's a new record as far as Joonmyun can recall. He lingers behind to pick up the black and yellow streamers strewn across the room and maybe put away some of the untouched butterbeer and treacle tart still on the table.
or, Joonmyun Kim and the Melancholy Seeker of HufflepuffCollapse )

>>Badgering II.
(2013; same school year)

From his vantage point on the bridge leading to the Astronomy Tower, Joonmyun regards the Quidditch Pitch with a passing amazement at how different it could seem after a game. Even when the banners and streamers littered over the stands have been cleared, the empty Quidditch Pitch post-game is not the same as it is pre-game. If the field before is an inhale, then the field afterwards is the end of an exhale.

Tao is standing next to him and also looking out at the empty Quidditch pitch, though Joonmyun doesn't know what's going through Tao's mind.
or, Joonmyun Kim Discusses Things on a Bridge with the Melancholy Seeker of HufflepuffCollapse )

>Badgering III.

Hufflepuff's final game of the year is against Slytherin and takes place on a rainy day at the end of April.

Joonmyun, holding a large yellow umbrella, is standing at the edge of the muddy green field and waiting for Tao. It's about twenty minutes till the match starts and members of the Hufflepuff and Slytherin teams are starting to head to the Quidditch pitch to get ready.

"What are you doing here?" Joonmyun hears a voice jeer behind him. A different voice next to it laughs stupidly.
or, Joonmyun Kim Walks in the Rain with the Not-So-Melancholy Seeker of HufflepuffCollapse )

If you're a follower on tumblr, do drop a word here? You don't have to comment on the fic if you don't want to (though that would be appreciated haha ;;) I just want to connect some names!
03 February 2012 @ 01:34 am
Um. Hi. Sometimes I really want to blog here but I feel like lj has been abandoned. I'm constantly on tumblr but as long as I want to write fic for anything I will still use this place. Speaking of which, I'm probably not going to be using my fic comm anymore. I made it because I wanted to separate fic posts from the other hooplah, but I hardly post anything anymore, so I want to take it back here.

Someday I'll remember how to write real life updates, but for now:

Fandom things!

- I read Hikaru No Go a few months ago and fell in love with it.

- Sirius/Remus (yes, the ones from Harry Potter) is my current obsession. I even signed up for a fic fest against my better judgement.

and this meme that I stole from my flist:

Post a random sentence (or three whole paragraphs) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIP. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

1 - Ogata looks over at Ashiwara resting on his bed; he had a cold compress covering half his face.

2 - Sirius looks utterly shocked that they should even be having this conversation about some pajamas he had outgrown years ago.

3 - As a policeman, Hijikata gets up every morning knowing one thing for certain – that the coming day could be his last. He doesn’t know what kind of calls he’d get, what kind of problems would arise, and certainly not what kind of situations would lead to him having sex with a wanted terrorist.

4 - Romano hated to be touched by Spain the most right before a voyage,

5 - Yao takes a step forward, stomach grinding at the thought of watching a culture drown.

6 - Pushing Austria’s buttons and banging on his piano is something he does for a reaction, not because he can get away with it.

7 - Eames sits on him.

8 - The surprise is all Tsutsui's when he's reading a Tsumego book during lunch break, and the tip of a fan taps against the grid he's studying. "White should go here."

9 - Skull shoots a glance at the briefcase, “fine,” he decides, leaning in to nip and bite at those lips before bargaining turns them rigid.

10 - This place is beautiful. France returns from the thicket, carrying two brown hairy balls.

And while I'm at it, here are some things that will never become longer(part one because I know I have more, but my files are a clusterfuck):


China and tiny JapanCollapse )


AU(1, 8) this was for a meme I didn't complete.
England and Norway as film criticsCollapse )


Alfred, on the moon, receives a call from IvanCollapse )


I think I did a request meme and makeste hit me with 8059 - cooking.
this is only five percent cooking and old as ballsCollapse )


Gamma and SpannerCollapse )


And the beginnings of something I will blame on cerepan, who said that Kamui of Gintama is like the love child of Hibari, Byakuran, and Edward Elrich. And I said that is entirely feasible in one of Byakuran's parallel universes and so wrote the damn thing in Mukuro's POV...

idk, walrusesCollapse )

a rochuCollapse )
uuh...Collapse )

pruhunstriaCollapse )
06 July 2010 @ 03:02 pm
My responses to the five question meme! Again, gomimushi gave me these questions:
2) Your favorite thing to do on rainy days? :'>
3) Post a photo from one of your holidays and the story behind it?
4) What was the last thing you drew?
5) If in a dream, a COSMIC BEING allowed you to be reincarnated into the body of any fictional character, who would you choose?

I answered number one here already. hahaha so much fail


eta: OH YEAH. If you want questions you can comment here with "UNF" :3
04 December 2009 @ 01:49 pm
So this was the ~SECRET CHARACTER~ list I made for my last meme

1 Spanner
2 Squalo
3 Mukuro
4 Lal Mirch
5 Lambo
6 Hibari
7 Dino
8 Ryohei
9 Gokudera
10 Bianchi
11 Yamamoto
12 Byakuran
13 Shouichi
14 Gamma
15 Tsuna

And here are the answers to your lulzy questions XD man, I don't think I did some of them justice.

18 September 2009 @ 03:33 am
Here’s some D18 I wrote today when I saw istrill post about how Undisclosed Desires reminded her of the pairing and I was like “afkldsg CANNOT UNHEAR ♥” XDD

I think I might spazz about the album in the near future just because, but it's like 3:30 AM right now and my head is all fuzzy from writing and trying to edit and probably failing. @_@ I hope I don't wake up in the morning and find over 9000 typos ;;; that would be kind sad since it only has 620 words or something. Is that even possible?

Anyways! hmmm, pg-13
undisclosed desiresCollapse )
01 September 2009 @ 01:38 am
After the Franz Ferdinand concert last Thursday, I told my friend that I have Michael stuck in my head because it is a damn catchy song, and she was like, “oh, have you seen this one video where Nick and Alex got really close?” and for some reason, I said I did because it seemed familiar. BUT I REALLY HAVEN’T. So guess what I’ve been trying to find >.> I mean, they do get close during most of their live performances of that song, but I saw this two second thing in a slide show vid where…they were just REALLY close, like Alex was leaning and panting on Nick and akjfhsdf WHERE DID IT COME FROM

I have more favs but seriously, THIS SONG IS SO HOT.

vids…dl link…my spazz scares me sometimes /headeskCollapse )

It’s really just Dino/his hand and imagination, but here is a porny omake for that last fic I posted. It’s because dame_batsie put the notion in my mind that I just left Dino in the bathroom after being visited by all these Hibaris and, somehow ending it where I did is NOT quite right. So I tried to amend that.

And since I said this would be a balanced entry (okay fine, I'm saying it now):

Have a fluffy fic with France and little England xD it’s based off of the personal canon I wrote for England (in this post) wherein I said:

- When he was a wee one, he liked to play around Stonehenge and tried to climb to the top of a stone pillar. When he eventually did, he was so scared that France had smooth talk him down.

and twistedsheets10’s comment made me want to write it XD so I eventually did, and, uh HERE:

‘ambitious little nation’ is one way to put it.Collapse )


27 August 2009 @ 12:48 pm
Leaving for concert in three hours *w* I'm excited~

I...have a lot of wips >.> things I'd said I'd write, things I want to write...I think maybe I'll start cleaning out my files again.

So, yamikakyuu! =3= I said I'd eventually show you this (see, I didn't forget!) but ah, I didn't change it too much and it's still really asflksdg wat...I do think the premise is amusing, though? ^^;

I actually wrote the beginning a while back and extended it XD so the beginning might seem familiar to some.

Characters involved: Hibari, Hibari's reflection (a.k.a.:you-know-who), Dino
Nothing explicit but a warning for implied things of the sexual nature.

roll over to playCollapse )

lol, the 2010 Mustang ad next to my 'post an entry' thing has this picture of the car being all badass and kicking up dust and the words say, "Right now, your sensible side is very, very nervous." I'm shipping myself with my sensible side, it sounds cute.
So episode 20 for APH is supposed to be a continuation of the Cleaning out the Storage scenes…ahhh, it’s been hyped up too much for me to spazz about :\ Truthfully, the only reason I’m looking forward to it is to hear England cry. Haha. *bricked* Oh! And for all of the little scenes and teasers to end…finally XD...

And here are two prompts done for the five sentence meme! I was going to post all of them at the same time, but then I got stuck on some of them…and thought it would be too much anyways for one entry XD so I’m just going to post the two I already finished:

Prompted by wayya:
4851Collapse )

and prompted by stalkerbunny
Spain/RomanoCollapse )
anotherCollapse )
22 May 2009 @ 11:15 pm
OH MY GOD KHRCollapse )

And I did the sentence meme again for stalkerbunny’s word prompts! XD
SuFin sounds like…a marine mammalCollapse )

I kinda like doing these one sentence things XD anyone wanna give me five words and a pairing? We can trade if you would like :3